An Arizona man was arrested after pointing a gun at a DoorDash delivery man

Dimitri Mills said he had just pulled up to an apartment complex in Mesa, Arizona, on Sunday when a man confronted him with a handgun, Mills told CNN.

“When I exited my vehicle, he had his gun drawn to me,” Mills said.

“I knocked on the customer’s door and let her know that her order was outside and that we need help because a guy had pulled a gun out on me,” Mills added.

The police report on the incident, which identifies the armed man as Valentino Tejada, says several witnesses “observed the defendant holding a handgun and telling the victim to stop ‘stalking him.'”

Both Mills and the police report explain that he told Tejada several times to that he meant no harm and was just delivering food.

After Mills made his delivery, Mills said Tejada was blocking him.

“The guy was in between me and the car and wouldn’t let me go past him,” he said.

As the standoff played out in the parking lot of the apartment complex, residents, at Mills urging, called the police.

Tejada told police that he was almost hit in the parking lot by Mills’ vehicle and that was what prompted him to watch Mills, gun in hand, the report says. However, the arrest report notes that “no witnesses were identified to corroborate his statement.”

Once Mesa Police arrived, Tejada followed the officer’s commands and was ultimately taken into custody without incident, the report says.

Tejada was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct involving weapons, the report says. The gun he had was loaded with a round in the chamber, the report adds.

“We want to get justice in this case and we want to make sure this person is prosecuted to the fullest,” Mill’s attorney, Benjamin Taylor told CNN.

CNN tried to reach out to Tejada but could not find contact information for him, and could not determine if he has a lawyer.

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