Cleveland Golf Smart Sole 4 Wedge Will Improve Your Game

Of all the clubs in the golf bag, the stick that has the most intimate relationship with the dirt is the wedge. Whether it’s the gap wedge for short shots into the green or a sand wedge to free your pellet from the desert, the wedge is both the good golfer’s dirtiest implement and the club with which he must do his most delicate work.


Realizing this links-bound logic, Cleveland Golf poured research and development hours into this season’s Smart Sole 4 Wedge. To cut through everything from thick rough to wet sand, a good wedge must be heavy enough to get down to business, but light enough to allow for a nimble touch.


To enable that, the Smart Sole 4 Wedges offers a specially designed cavity back for improved perimeter weighting. It helps keep a short swing in the slot, while a thick bottom edge helps to push sand and grass aside to allow maximum contact and best feel. A few test swings should sell any golfer on the sweetness of this club.

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