Local restaurant slow on Mother’s Day

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) – On Mother’s Day people make reservations. They stand in lines at restaurants to celebrate the mothers that birthed them but not in the middle of a global pandemic. This is true for one establishment in the Grand Island area.

The dining room at El Toro Mexican Restaurant is empty. The Seats are stacked on the tables and the only people inside are the workers who serve and prepare the food.This is completely different than what a typical Mother’s Day would look like for them. Normally they would be packed with families to celebrate the occasion.

When the Coronavirus hit hard, the restaurant closed their doors. They no longer let folks to dine-in and customers have to call to pick-up at the front of the restaurant or have it delivered to their house.

Business for the restaurant has been slow today, May 10, 2020. Normally mornings and afternoons are when they’re busy. They hope things pick-up by the end of this holiday.

“Before even though it was Monday through Thursday. It would have been a bit busier than now-a-days. Sometimes people don’t even order so business has gone down but we just hope it gets better,” said José Chavarría, Assistant Manager at El Toro Mexican Restaurant.

The restaurant has been trying new methods to generate revenue.
“So now we actually have margaritas for takeout and delivery and a lot of people like that. We’ve been doing a bit more advertising. That’s helped us a lot too,” said Chavarría.

The restaurant uses the DoorDash app. It gives you the ability to order from home and the options to have it dropped off without any contact.

They don’t know when they’ll re-open but will more than likely stay closed until the Coronavirus pandemic slows down.

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