Teacher jokingly reveals why students thought she was putting booze in her morning coffee

A funny teacher has shared a candid account of how her young students thought her vanilla coffee syrup was actually booze — and the story is cracking people up on social media.

Earlier this month, Shannon Maxey shared the hilarious tale to Facebook, explaining that some of the youngsters suspected their teacher of spiking her daily cuppa with a little something special.

The educator said she found out about their suspicions when one of the confused students came forward.

“Mrs. Maxey, I gotta ask you a question, but I have to whisper and you can’t get mad,” the student reportedly said. “Why do you keep liquor by your coffee maker?”

Shocked, Maxey clarified that the contents of the clear bottle — clearly marked “vanilla almond syrup” — were completely innocent.

“You thought I’ve just had liquor out all year?!” she exclaimed.

Intrigued, Maxey asked five of her other students if they knew what she kept near her Keuring coffee maker. The kiddos immediately “burst out laughing,” and shyly admitted they thought she put “beer” in her coffee “every day.”

“At least I didn’t raise a class of snitches — no one told their parents or admin that Mrs. Maxey was getting lit every morning while teaching,” she later joked.

In the weeks since, Maxey’s hysterical post has since gone viral, with over 35,000 likes, 28,000 shares and 8,200 comments.

Looking back, Maxey said some of the students’ comments about her coffee intake finally make sense.

“In hindsight, every time I would go in for a second cup (which wasn’t every day), the kids would say, ‘Dang Mrs. Maxey, you’re having MORE coffee?!'” the Florida-based third-grade teacher laughed, according to BuzzFeed.

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