Video shows San Jose police kicking, dragging woman outside McDonald’s

A video shot outside of a San Jose McDonald’s shows a police officer kicking and dragging a woman being detained in the parking lot on Wednesday.

San Jose resident Josh Gil shot the video while picking up a doordash order. He said he was organizing the meals he picked up when he noticed the cops were in the parking lot.

“I heard the cops pull up behind that woman. I think she was with a family member and two kids,” Gil told San José Spotlight. “They pulled the guns out on them and demanded to get out of the car.”

Gil said it appeared that the woman in the driver’s seat was cooperating as one of the officers told her to get out of the car with her hands up and to kneel down. There were two women and two kids in the car.

The video then shows the officer kicking the woman while she was kneeling on the asphalt.

“He gave her, like, a spartan kick, like an unnecessary spartan kick to the stomach,” Gil said “You just see her wind get knocked out right off bat.”

After the woman falls to the ground, the officer proceeds to handcuff her and drag her across the parking lot.

It appeared officers believed the woman was driving a stolen vehicle, Gil said. In the video, the passenger is heard saying that they had just bought the car.

San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia on Wednesday confirmed that officers made a vehicle stop based on a seizure warrant and ultimately impounded the vehicle.

Officers obtained a warrant after the vehicle fled from the police, Garcia said, but he could not say why police initially pursued the vehicle.

Garcia told San José Spotlight at least one person was arrested for several misdemeanor charges, including resisting arrest. Regardless of the circumstances leading to the arrest, the police chief said SJPD has initiated an internal investigation on the use of force caught on the video.

“Even if she was guilty of the crime they suspected her of committing, they shouldn’t have used that excessive force on her because she was being compliant,” Gil said.

Another officer in the parking lot had what appeared or be a gun raised toward the car, Gil said, as his partner kicked and dragged the driver from the car. The kids were in the backseat, he said.

“They demanded the kids to settle down and one of the babies was in hysteria,” Gil said.

Both officers were white, according to Gil, and it appeared that the family was Latinx. He said the two children were old enough to walk.

“The oldest one was comprehending everything that was going on that’s probably why there was so much hysteria and fear,” Gil said.

Gil said he had to leave to deliver his Doordash food, and did not see how the confrontation ended. He added that neither of the officers gave their name or badge number when asked to.

The woman and children were still being detained in the parking lot as he left.

“I just feel that the police who use excessive force or more authority than they’re allowed to should be fired and that shouldn’t be their line of occupation,” Gil said. “They just feel like they have all of this authority they can use with no consequences.”

The incident Wednesday comes after San Jose police have come under fire for excessive force used during George Floyd protests in May and racist posts revealed in a secret Facebook page.

City leaders, including Mayor Sam Liccardo, have proposed reforms such as banning the use of rubber bullets for crowd control, expanding the authority of the Independent Police Auditor and taking measures to prevent bad cops from getting jobs elsewhere.

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